Friday, September 14, 2012

Fame by Lady Gaga

I didn't post for so long and I wouldn't have done it unless news about Fame of Lady Gaga.
The article here on CNN, a talk with Lady Gaga about her perfume, made me smile. You can find out that she wanted to smell like a slut, the juice be black and she was so excited to work for it with two old friends of hers, on photoshots and bottle design.
So much about perfume. There is so much ingenuity in what she sais. In the end it's simple all about maketing, so she doesn't have else to say. Very sweet and honest.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last News: Nombre Noir, Shiseido on ebay

Since I know it's a matter of life and death for some perfume lovers: Nombre Noir, Shiseido on ebay Germany.

The price is already fantastic, 380 Euro and another 4 days for auction. I was suprised to see it, it's a rare bird. Since I never tried it I wouldn't bet so much money on it but I know there are some fanatics out there.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love says it all – Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

I still regard Luca Turin as the greatest perfume essayist and Chandler Burr got it so right by naming him the Emperor of Scent. His sharp, short description, high subjectivism and anthropological views are the ultimate word in reviewing perfumes. No matter if you agree or not with them.

It was long ago when he stormed the world of writing about perfume with his style. Hundreds of blogs are epigones of Luca Turin style and there is no  sign of a new approach. It's all his glory.

The guide together with Tania Sanchez took me by surprise. Only something which I couldn't explain. The style is the same. It is all over Luca Turin and sometimes Tania Sanchez. I took it for granted that in his grace he allowed her to her own views and didn't touch them. The contrary is not valid, Tania Sanchez commented on perfumes he found great and she didn't. You will find out that most of the time she didn't like them because they were dirty. Tania Sanchez has her American nose detecting any small trace of dirt. She likes flowers, roses and clean. That's all about. No problem with it. It's just that it doesn't fit, Luca Turin is about understanding and being curious and loving perfumes, a sophisticated cultural approach in few phrases. Tania Sanchez showed me only her passion for wearing perfumes of a certain kind. The mix was puzzling.

I came across a recent list of five stars perfumes recommended by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez at I'm writing today because of that. Have a look at the list here. The list shocked me. To my mind there is hardly any Luca Turin in it. It's almost all Tania Sanchez. I know he always loved Tommy Hilfiger and might be ok with the rest but why only all these big incandescent floral scents?  

But love says it all, doesn't it? He might be a happier man now, no matter he gave up his mind and his nose. It's just that I miss the old Luca Turin.