Tuesday, December 20, 2011

About perfume bottles, with sadness

It took me really long to understand what Serge Lutens meant, that perfumes should be worn as jewellery. I think I knew it but just the other day, watching perfume bottles, I finally got it.
If you asked me I wouldn't care less about bottles. I care only about the scent inside and I would throw any bottle once the perfume inside is finished. An empty bottle doesn't say anything to me. Still, more and more I am struck by the cheapness of perfume bottles, mostly about the plastic caps and other plastic decoration. Again, if you asked me, a good perfume  is the most precious thing in the world. Wearing a good perfume is like I wear a billion dollar thing on me. No matter how easy is to get that perfume. There is a big effort in offering exclusive scents, numbered bottles, extremely expensive ones, seasonal ones, hard to get ones and you would think that that makes them precious. But that doesn't have anything to do with how exceptional and gorgeous and really precious a scent is. The beauty of a perfume itself makes it precious and I know some which are so breathtaking and still you can buy them quite easy. The fact that some other million people wear them doesn't make them less precious. It's like you would say that a Picasso seen by all people in the world would become less valuable. A piece of art, the beauty, does not wear off by being used by senses.
So whenever I wear some masterpiece of a perfume I feel, as Serge Lutens put it, like wearing the most unique and beautiful jewellery. Still, somehow I realized that it makes me sad that I have to take off some cheap kitschy plastic cap, golden or silvery ones, flowery or baroque. I don't need crystal bottles extremely expensive, I like glass bottles but why not use some other material for caps, may be wood, light metal or also glass, something that would be pleasant to touch? And give up the other silly decorations? There are so much money to spend on marketing, advertising etc. Why not a nice solution which would make the experience of putting a perfume on a little bit more special?

Note: While writing last times I realized how sophisticated blogging became, lots of time to find the right picture, download it, looking for copyright etc. And I decided that probably I'm not really a blogger just like to write time to time about perfumes and others.

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