Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - the smell of daisies

I owe to Daisy and internet my actual big passion and relative knowledge (very so) in the field of perfumes. I have always loved perfumes, I have always been addicted to smells but I wouldn't have known anything without Daisy and internet. It happened that my husband was persuaded by the seller in the perfume store that Daisy is a great perfume, it was just launched in chain stores in Germany and they were keen to sell it (is it so that in all chain stores Marc Jacobs has a very good department?). So, my husband was convinced finally by the nice smell and the chic bottle. He brought it, I liked it. But I was curious to know more, what is with a daisy smell, the daisies don't smell. The daisies are very dear to me, they come with memories of my mother, who refused to buy a ready made crown for me when I finished with first grades my second year in school. So she went in the garden and made the most wonderful crown of daisies, and I felt like looking gorgeous. Since then I know that daisies don't smell, so I wanted to check what is this about a daisy perfume, may be my smell cheated me.
I checked on internet and I discovered a page with information on Daisy and many, too many other perfumes, and that's how it started my smitten about perfumes. I would read internet pages on perfumes by night and rush into perfumes stores by day, using every skin piece of my arms and hands to try perfumes. The page is nowsmellthis, http://www.nstperfume.com/, one of the most comprehensive pages about perfumes (old perfumes and new launches, perfume houses, perfume noses and many other resources). Now I can't pass a day without checking it (and many others).

Now about Daisy: I am grateful to this perfume for the door it opened to me and I will always own it, to try it time to time. I wore it with pleasure, a nice perfume, neutral and, without being original, it is interesting and different from all fashionable perfumes. It was created to appeal to young people but it is not sweetie-fruity-aromatically-floral. But also doesn't go with my very own image about daisies, except some bitterness which goes all along the perfume. The perfumer (Alberto Morilla, who's Bulgari Omnia I love) wanted for sure a modern perfume and it got the clean smell to the end. But it certainly doesn't have the synthetic smell that I detect in most of all trendy perfumes, that sweet artificial base which I always want to wash off. It's not easy with Daisy, I can say what I like comparing other perfumes but it hasn't catch me. It can be a nice day perfume, office (I hate this kind of advices, sorry). You are sure it's not heady or too strong and you are asked what is that nice perfume you wear.

Listed notes for Daisy: top: wild strawberries, red grapefruit, violet leaves; middle: jasmine, gardenia, violets; base: musk, vanilla (from here the clean smell and the vanilla is discreet).

And, of course, the bottle, one of the most wonderful of last years. The plastic daisies attached to the top are beautiful.
It's worth a try, at least for checking how the smell of it matches with your own image of daisies.

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