Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka

It's harder and harder for me to try new mainstream perfumes (sorry, no space here for what I mean by a mainstream perfume). Anyway, I have grown afraid of disappointments and embarrassment and even more afraid of what I'm going to read on blogosphere about the x new mainstream perfume.
But it seemed everybody was content about the new Lolita Lempika. I have found out about the new release from people who smelled it. I opened 1000fragrances with big fears (Octavian Coifan could destroy a perfume, at least for me) and I found a fairly positive review. Then other pages and I found everybody quite happy with it, too. Knowing myself, an unsophisticated perfumista with no way knowledge and nose as all these good perfume critics and knowing myself picky I expected everything. In fact, I expected I'll be not excited, Octavian was ok with some new releases which I failed to understand or like.

But they were right. Si Lolita opens so beautiful. I was being in a chain store with no special hopes, just trying some old ones (Chanel 5 Eau Premiere) and I sprayed Si Lolita since was a new comer there. And it was wow, ummmm, I made even some noise. A floral, bit citrusy fresh and an unmistakable Lempika spice. And a beautiful warm and not the usual mix of all these (you can put this description to most of perfume, you know how it is, you have all these beautiful girls all around but somehow is nothing special about most of them and one day you see this girl and she is not necessary more beautiful but she has something, the way everything goes together which let you in admiration, smiling happy). So I it made me happy there in the shop, I got my sample and went happy home. On the way home, while sniffing, it suddenly something was going wrong, I've got the artificial, my perfume monster, it smelled airy and cheap like the bottom of an old awful deodorant and it was like 'o, no, not again, not this one'. The end of another perfume.
I have to say for me Lolita Lempika is something special. I fell in love with the Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka perfume years ago on the Heathrow airport, this spicy sweetness, heavy like a nectar but not heady. At some point I loved it with no shame. Everybody seemed a bit overtaken by my smell, I knew is a bit too much, that's certainly not a decent perfume. The first Lolita Lempicka perfume would go perfect in the boudoirs of these beautiful women who give their love for money , live luxurious lives and everybody comments on their excess of lipstick.
So that was, in the car, sniffing with disappointment while I thought is over, my sample would go to stay untouched for long. But no, stay, after an hour or so I found a surprise on my wrist, warm powdery , still green and chypre! And the artificial note was gone. There is still something which reminds me a bit of the first Lempicka but this one could be even better, the green makes it more lady like, not girlish at all. For me feels like a grown up perfume, intelligent and with an attitude. (unfortunately the girl on the ad print doesn't go with the idea of the perfume).
After few hours it still there. And I'm sorry, this is a grand dame, this is a perfume. It doesn't play on a card, like going for a flower or other, a spice or other and not even the dry down is not too much something for sure (they say patchouli, amber and tonka). It's a well balanced mix, also playing up to the end, coming and going accords, from sweet to bitter, floral to this chypre (is it technically a chypre?), warm to fresh. A beautiful surprise. Well, except that middle stage which is quite bad, but it doesn't stay long, may be 15 minutes or bit more. The lists of perfumes made by the creators didn't impress me too much but this one is a good one. Congratulations!
I don't know if I will buy it, I will still play with my sample but I won't mind getting it as a present (my list for presents it's so long though).

And the bottle is cute, very cute. Now I should think at a picture for this post. I refuse to repeat that commercial ad. Though the colors are wonderful the girl there doesn't tell me anything. But it's just ones opinion. Oh, on nowsmellthis I saw the commercial movie, too. Charming.

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