Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, vintage! Madame Rochas, old and new

I am so very much in a hurry today but I can't stop sharing my delicious discovery.
So it goes: last weekend I got a vintage Madame Rochas, I was looking for one though I was not so taken by the Madame Rochas that you can find in perfume shops. I wanted after experiencing a vintage Femme. So I had my vintage Madame Rochas which is absolutely wonderful. Aldehides, flowers, bit soapy but warm and chic. Wonderful. I just came back from a perfume counter where I tried the new Madame Rochas.
As it said on many blogs, the idea of Madame Rochas was something close to Chanel no 5 or Arpege. If you ask me, I love Madame Rochas much better than both. The vintage is something close to them but doesn't have that heavy spirit that I find in Chanel no 5 and not that oreintal take of Arpege (ylan-ylang?). Anyway, right now I have both of them on my wrists. The new Madame Rochas is great but it's quite far from the adelhidic way and it is close to Chanel but another one: it's no 19. Yes, isn't that strange. It's all that green and rather chypre from the begining and keeps being green until the amber and musk in the base come out.
What was on their mind when they reformulated it? I mean it's really great stuff but it's another world.

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