Sunday, November 7, 2010

Philosykos by Diptyque - finding the right woman for a great perfume

Once you get into perfumes, you realize that there are perfumes bigger than life that you love but they don't fit you. And anyway, there are quite some and you can't be all these women and men they talk about. Because every perfume talks about a certain kind of woman or man, tells a stroy. Take Fracas. Can I be that Fracas woman and her story? I wish so but I can not.

So for long I'm hunting people for perfumes. I try to figure out who would be good for certain perfume, who could wear that and be ok with it. But you tell me who can be efortessly Dzing, Musk Koublai Khan but also Joy or Fabourg 24. Not easy.

I had Philosykos of Diptyque for a while, this perfect perfume fig. I would try it time to time and love it but everytime I know it doesn't tell my story. It is a fig perfume, and I say that because though it might seem only a fig scent, in the end it is a perfume, it is made of fig and woods and wears easy but unmistakable. You smell of Philosykos and nothing else. So for me it was a tricky one.

But she came. A quiet intelligent beautiful blonde, expressing herself rather through what she does than what she says, she doesn't like loud and obvious, she rather goes for subtle, she likes to notice rather than to be noticed. She likes nature and art and she is good at technical stuff and numbers. She talks with care and you want to hear what she has to say because she doesn't talk too much. We went together through my collection while asking her what she enjoys generally and after a while she got stuck with Philosykos. And you know what? it goes with her, it is like it was made for her.

Philosykos found its woman.

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