Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leather, more leather, please

A year ago when my passion for perfumes turned obsesive and I started checking whatever it got in my hands, I tought leather is no go. I liked to check them but to wear them looked impossible. I didn't understand Marina from perfumesmellinthings who has a special directory with leather perfumes. Now I am grateful to her for it. I've got it and I am hooked. I want leather leather leather. Few weeks ago I was drawning in greens, the fall made them so attractive to me. And now, suddenly, I am in to leather, I want as much leather as possible.
Unfortunatelly my personal collection includes only Bandit, Dzing!, Histoire des Parfums 1740 and L'Air du Rien as leathers.
I love Bandit harsh way. Dzing! is so dusty. Histoire des Parfums 1740 is so elegant, can get you around any time. And L'Air du Rien is so chic.
But I wish I had Chanel Cuir de Russie, Jolie Madame, Tabac Blond, Yatagan, Black Bulgary, Or Black Pascal Morabito and soon I'll go to Manufactum shop where I can get Knize Ten. They also have English Leather, Geo F Trump but I tried that before and it was a bit boring in the dry down. Meanwhile I hunt man perfumes in shops, the ones with big concentration of leather.
With leather the world takes a steep turn. It's not you go further but you turn unexpectedly in a wrong direction which brings you nowehere and where you find your real love. Who doesn't look in any way how you imagined in your romantic dreams. And it doesn't fit you. But it's not a stranger, comes from the dreams that you can't remember but where yours.
Why I don't understand is why is there such a late stop at leather? Took me a year to get it. Tania Sanchez talks in the last Guide about the evolution of obsessed perfumista (I don't like the word perfumista but I won't invent a new one today). How you get through different stages until you get a clean mind. Where is the leather there and why so late? I love it.

PS In Romanian language we have same word for human skin and leather. That's beautiful.

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