Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My favorite witches' world and perfumes

Terry Pratchett, 'Making Money' from the DiscWorld series of a fantasy world, populated by wictches, demons, dwarfs and any other fantastic creature we know. One of the most entertaining books I have read lately. Such a fine English humour, parody of our own world and deep understanding of the human being.
And when I get in love with people or characters in books (it's all the same for me), I can't stop thinking of the perfume they would wear.
We have Moist von Lipwig, the sunny boy, a man of courage and adventure, ready to challenges and to change the world to his own fantasies but with great care for the beings around him, either they are humans or Igors or Golems. Moist could have been another Bond in a witches story but what it's mostly about him is his capacity to put himself in other people shoes. He can do it, move himself in the other personality, thoughts, life and get it. From here to leading the world is no step. Plus: Moist has a face that can be lost, nobody can really remember his face because his face looks so common. Even his own mother sometimes picked up other child from kindergarten.
And we have Miss Adora Belle Dearheart, Moist love. She smokes cigarette after cigarette, fights for the rights of Golems, is a feminist but extremely attractive and woman as appearance, wears high heels and shapeless dresses which let imagination fly.
Lord Vetinari is the perfect tyrant, dominating on the base of democracy, ruling and controlling everything with nobody noticing it, but for the sake of this nation. He is inteligent, wise and has vast sense of humour. And he has the best way in the world of raising his eyebrows. In fact he rules by simple raises of his eyebrows.
Such a great book for the grey days of a cold fall!

So, my Moist would wear everyday other perfume, challenging ones, Comme de Garcons or earthy Serge Lutens from the Bois series, smelling strange but humanly and warm.
Adora Belle? It will be too easy to go for Bandit or Tabac Blond or Cabochard. She either lets a heady smell around her, a white cloud of a perfume and her cigarettes smoke, a perfume like Tuberose Criminelle. Or she has a discreet skin smell like Omnia Bulgari, that you could get only if you put your nose between her breast or got in bed with her?
And for Lord Vetinari? He looks most fashionable in his unique scary way of dressing which everybody wants to copy and can't. What would we give to the king? I want Tauer's Incense Extreme for him, half man half God, light and darkness. Whenever the doors of his coach open the people in the street will know that's the Lord Vetinari coach, a 'bang' of incense and white flowers will hit them, fear and respect and love will linger on the streets.

By sheer coincidence, I realized today is MartinsTag in Germany, the day when kids go round with lamps in early darkness and should meet Saint Martin on his horse, a good saint, but kids are rather scared by the ceremonies in the woods, the appearance of the Saint from nowhere and they keep talking about ghosts and phantoms. For me another moment to remember the stories from the delightful DiscWorld of Terry Pratchett.

Wanna know who Terry Pratchett and his books are? Here you go.

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