Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nearly everything about perfumes

I have always loved and been addicted to smells. Perfumes, I was hungry for them. But growing up in a communist country where I had the chance to smell only Diorissimo and Magie Noir before the communism fell didn't help too much. I was living in darkness about perfumes until a year ago when Internet did it all for me. I can't thank enough to this great thing of our times. What would I have been at this very moment without it? Probably I would have still go through rough years of looking and trying without having any clue. Internet did it for me and my knowledge in the field were rocketing. All these wonderful blogs. I remember myself a year ago making handwritten lists of great perfumes I never heard of. I made so many lists and then go around looking for them, buying samples online, trying when I found them at perfume counters. Lists in klingonian for me but I knew one day this world will open for me. It started opening after a while and I can say I'm still in the entrance door but I did my first steps and I am another person. And all that because of Internet and these wonderful people who write blogs.
Now I have my own system of checking these blogs, I do it almost daily, wondering about other and other perfumes. It might be helpful for everybody. I do it because even discovering them took time.

Experts and professional writers blogs
1000fragrances – of Octavian Coifan. (I'm so proud he is a conational of mine. I'm not patriotic at all but it's cheering up to have him as one of the best in the field). He knows so much about all perfume means: history, composition, cultural aspects. And he never stops, you can see he is growing every day. More then a perfume expert, a humanist I would say, something very rare today.
Grain de Musc – great reviews, you can find out about how different perfumes are made. Plus a fine personal insight.
Perfume Shrine – information, history, comparative analysis and much more about perfumes.
Chandler Bur  - of NYTimes

First Nerve – the upset scientist. I love him. He writes about smell, not necessary perfume. Our smell world. A humanist.
Luca Turin - the emperor of scent. Here is a page which was available until recently, a newsletter. Normally, from the old page you could buy the new ones, probably they will be online again. On the new page you can find an Excel file with the stars he gives to thousands perfumes. He doesn't blog anymore.But there still exist archived his old blog here. It was great for me to get through it, I discovered him as a person, as much as you can through a blog. Another humanist. Also his old posts for NZZFolio here.

Comprehensive information as much as possible
NowSmellThis – that's reference for all you want to know, perfume news. Perfume reviews, perfume houses, perfume noses.
Basenotes, Fragrantica and MakeupAlley– databases with reviews of users

Essays on Perfumes
And many many more….

Andy Tauer – a perfumer, a REAL one {you'll find out how people are just crazy about his perfumes}. And he writes almost every day, sharing his fantastic life with all of us. And he is just such a wonderful person

I apologize to the authors of these blogs if I said something inaccurate about their blogs. I would be happy to rectify it. I am so grateful to all of them.

Of course, at the beginning I was so much in love with what they wrote that many times I would go and buy without sniffing or I would fell in love with perfumes influenced by their taste. But I don't regret anything, this is how I grew. The day when I smelled my first L'Heure Bleu because they said so and I was so shocked. It took time to get used and eventually I ended up half a year latter by being smitten by it.

And not least, these people really CHANGE the world of perfumes. Their voice is heard, niche perfumery came out stronger and stronger while big businesses have nightmares because of the bad reviews they could get from my beloved bloggers.

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