Thursday, November 12, 2009


That's all about MY nose.
Today's sampling:

Femme,Rochas. I understand that the actual one is just a reformulation of the real one of Edmond Roudnitska and most of experts are not so happy with it. After a strong beautiful chypre start (whatever a chypre is) after 10 minutes I checked and couldn't belive it. It was Mitsouko !,  may be a bight lighter, citrusy, flowery. And it's most strange because just the other day I was thinking why we don't find almost at all interpetations, copies of Mitsouko. It's Mitsouko here and Mitsouko there, the best perfume ever and you don't find perfumes to follow it. Well, that's it. My theory fell.

Beyond Paradise, Estee Lauder. After Luca Turin got me crazy about it, the best floral and all that I finally found it hidden behind all other Estee Lauder (at a small price! it's reduced!). Sniff and I got something well known, oh, yes, that's the new Annick Goutal, Un Matin d'Orage. In fact is the other way around, Annick Goutal's comes after Beyond Paradies. But that's it. They smell the same to me.

Is it my low quality nose? I know about perfume families etc. but so similar?
OF COURSE, all of them are great, even reformulated Femme is a queen between hundreds of mass market fragrances and actually more I smell it on my skin right now more I love it. New purchase, I think.

April 2010, More Similiraties
Le Temps d'une Fete, Parfums de Nicolai , tried yesterday, smelled so much like something. And something. It was Heure Exquise, Annick Goutal. Lovely, both.

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